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About Cycad Talk

Discussion in 'Cycad Talk - About and Feedback' started by Craig, Jun 1, 2016.

  1. Craig

    Craig Member

    May 30, 2016
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    Cycad Talk is primarily a place to help bring cycad enthusiasts, and both buyers and sellers together.

    We believe in Conservation through Inspiration.

    We would like to help promote and support the registered cycad nurseries through exposure on this platform to potential cycad buyers.

    And, we would like to inspire everyone who has cycads to think about conservation and propagation.

    By helping connect cycad buyers and sellers, we can help ensure that enthusiasts are buying from reputable sources and we can furthermore reiterate the correct processes and procedures involved in buying and selling these plants.

    The fact that we are interested in cycads, ensures their survival, but this also threatens it. By promoting responsible cycad ownership, and by making these plants more accessible through the sharing of knowledge, procedures and legitimate sources, we will be doing our part in ensuring the longevity of this species.

    If you know of a great nursery, get in touch and we will list them in our nursery section below.


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