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Delivery Country Wide from Elna's Cycad Farm

Discussion in 'Cycads For Sale' started by Jakkie Pieterse, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. Jakkie Pieterse

    Jakkie Pieterse Well-Known Member

    Jun 16, 2016
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    Good day,

    We are starting a new service of delivering plants anywhere in South Africa.

    The service is for plants in Aussie bags (Small seedlings) and plants planted in 20 litre bags.

    Bag sizes are indicated in our latest catalogues.

    Plants will be taken from the bags, cleaned of all growing medium and treated for insects before being placed into the box. Plant leaves may be trimmed to fit the box. Plant roots may also be trimmed to fit the box (only when really necessary) and will be treated with Steriseal.

    The service does not include delivery of plants identified as suckers as the young roots will suffer too much in the packaging process.

    At this stage only a few options of delivery are available. See attached list of delivery options and prices. The PostNet to PostNet service is for plants from Aussie bags only.

    As we gain experience with the packaging and shipping we will optimise the delivery options and will endeavor to bring the costs down.

    Basic process:

    1. Contact us with the list of plants required plus your residential address (where the plants will reside) plus indication of whether you require the package to be insured and to what value.
    2. We will send you an invoice for the plants plus the price for delivery (Selected from the Delivery options to nearest fit of your requirements) plus the price for insurance if required.
    3. After receipt of you full payment for the plants plus delivery plus insurance we will reserve the plants for you and will then arrange the export permit from Gauteng to your address. (This takes about 10 to 15 working days).
    4. A copy of the export permit application will be send to you to start you application for the import permit into your province, if required. You must arrange this yourself.
    5. Once we have the export permit from Gauteng we will ship your plants. The original export permit will be included in the package.
    6. Once we deliver the package to the courier service the package becomes you property and responsibility.

    The prices are driven by courier costs which are expensive. If you want to arrange your own courier or alternative transport, you are welcome to do so. We will then only charge you for the permit and the packaging process and the package can then be picked up from our premises by prior arrangement.

    Jakkie Pieterse

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